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Coin Szn Accelerator + UniCoin Biz Experience


I feel your frustration, sis. 


That’s why I’m here to tell you about the Unicoin Biz Experience’s Coin Season Bootcamp. The Unicoin Biz Experience’s Coin Season Bootcamp is a 10-week accelerator program for entrepreneurs who are ready to create stand out brands that are unique, profitable, and continual (a business that has longevity). 


Most entrepreneurs don’t properly layout the foundation of their business before they launch, causing wasted money, wasted time, no sales, and overall business struggle. Then they try to find a solution by purchasing e-books, small webinar classes, and just trying to figure it on their own and that’s where giving up kicks-in. 


If you are ready to stop:

  • Offering discounts just to make a sale

  • Being frustrated because you don’t know what to post

  • Having lookers instead of buyers

  • Not making the profit you desire


And you desire to:

  • Create a brand experience that attracts long-lasting customers

  • Implement content strategy that targets your ideal customer

  • Turn potential customers into repeat customers

  • Turn your idea into a profitable business


Then the Unicoin Biz Experience & Coin Szn Bootcamp is for you!


What you will learn in the 


Unicoin Biz Experience

  • Prepare your mind for success


Coin Season Bootcamp


If you are ready to create your Magic like these Unicorn Brands then it’s time to stop selling yourself short and invest in your Magic.


*Are you ready to create your Magic?*


In Coin Szn You’ll Learn:

-How to write email campaigns to gain more sales

-How to create returning customers who shop with you consistently

-How to create packaging that aids in your brand experience
-How to create efficient and visually appealing content

-How to run your own social media campaigns (including IG & FB ads)

-How to select the right influencers for Coin Season

-How to create profitable discounts and sales

-Access to the Unicoin Biz Experience Vault of videos & training.

Investment: $525.00 - 8 week Group Coaching Program 

                       $756.00 8 Week Group Coaching 4 1:1 Calls 

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