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So you want to start your own Product Line. 


Wether you’re a hairstylist, esthetician, or a wig maker wanting to make more coins then I can help. 


Products can help you get from behind the chair faster or help you reach your overal financial goals in rapid time.  But it actually happening can be super hard. 


I started selling products and noticed I had something special by my second year I had sold to over 20,000 people and products had been in over 10 countries. I have made a lot of money in products and you can too.


If you check the shelves of target and or Walmart you’ll see there is no such thing of over saturation in the product space! 


There are different ways to start a line and there are different ways I can help you. 


Here are some ways you can start a product line; Making the product yourselves, Enhancing ready to bottle products that are available wholesale, purchase wholesale products, or private label. 


I can help you by providing you with the resources and information you need to start your line. 


& I can help you DEVELOP the product line; help you with branding, what should be on the labels, how to create the correct products, and how to launch the line. 

Here's how I can help

My basic guide to starting a product line it will give you one vendor and the proper how too’s.

I have different videos like how to market research, what vendors and suppliers Ive used over the years, and different how to make certain product videos. 

We can have a call to develop your products and or discuss the launch your product line. 

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