$650 In Full UniCoin Biz Experience Payment

$650 In Full UniCoin Biz Experience Payment


This payment is for The UniCoin Biz Experience 8 week group coaching program that starts on may 19th, 2020. 



This agreement is between Kristen Dickerson and Client, you.


UniCoin Biz Experience Full Payment 


Payments are to be made bi weekly and weekly; Students will not be allowed acess until all payments aee made. 




This agreement, will begin upon acceptance, and will continue until services are rendered. The fee for this payment is $650 non-refundable payment.


Payments can't be exchanged for another service & Are 100% Non-Refundable 


The services to be provided by Kristen Dickerson, are, an 8 week cooacing program. that meets a maxium of twice a week and mnimum of once a week. that comes with zoom video calls and replays. 


You'll recieve a confirmation and payment update email after every payment made. And will be sent reminder emails and text for future payments. 


Once paid you agree to the terms in this agreement.