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Your business can

be a unicorn in a

field of horses!

I can help you believe in your magic

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Your business life can be magical & profitable; you dont have to be stuck in the same place. 

The UniCoin Biz Experience is a group coaching program where you get all the strategy and support you need to finally leave your 9-5, grow the business of your dreams, and enjoy all the magic that comes with it. 

Getting your business together doesn't have to be stressful! It can be a really amazing experience.  

Girl! I can help you!


do you want a brand that stands out, with an amazing customer experience, all while being profitable?? 

if yes this is the program for you! 

what's going on at the unicoIN biz experience:

The magic framework that Kris used to make her business a unicorn 

How to create your own voice & create a core message that makes your unicorn stand out. 

How to reach your Mythical Monetary Goals 

How To define your heard, your target market 

How to grow your email list 

How to put the right magic in place so that your systems convert 


I absolutely loved group coaching not only did it teach me business acumen and social media marketing but it taught me more about myself. In taking this course, I am now more confident in following my dreams. Even though you do not offer beauty services and products, you made it relatable and salable. Not only did I enjoy group coaching, I am doing one on one coaching due to the amount of knowledgeable expertise you have given! To anyone looking to grow your business, this course has taught me more than my current MBA classes about the importance of social media integration and learning your target audience! Thank you so much Kris! 


How It Works:

The Unicorn Biz Experience  meets you where you are right now… And then shows you how to get to where you want to go. Inside this 8 week program, we will meet twice a week every Tuesday and Thursday all classes are recorded. You'll get 24/7 access to the Business Bundle portal. You'll also be inside of a group message for daily business support for Q&A. Plus discounts on all upcoming webinars. And when you enroll, you’re given a customized, step-by-step curriculum to follow that’s as unique as you are. 


Get Your Magic Together -  We don't prepare our mind enough for the next phases of our life or even for greatness . I'll be teaching you guys how to prepare yourself for the magic that comes with creating a unicorn business and the ups and downs it comes with. Prepare your mind and your soul so that your business can flourish.

Defining your Unicorn- Knowing why your in business is a key factor in creating your brand story. 


The House The Unicorn Built - The foundation of your business needs to be laid before you can build on it. The structure of your business is key to be successful. In this week we will go over target market, naming your business, products, hosting, and so much more. 

Sugar, Spice, & Everything Branding- Together we will brainstorm and design the look and feel for your business. We will define the core components that makes your brand unique. 

Mythical + Magical = $$$$ - Most people find marketing to be one of the hardest things about entrepreneurship. But I will be showing you how to make it easy. Together we will discuss strategies that are best for your business.

Unicorn Running In a Field Of Daisies - Staying in business; A lot of times we focus on starting our business but not staying in business. Together I will teach you how to consistently make money to stay in business.

&& so much more 


My overall experience in group coaching was awesome. You were able to open my eyes to the behind the scenes things with business, branding, marketing, and so much more which in turn helped me hone in on my brand. Keep doing what you’re doing. I know sometimes you got frustrated with the class that just shows how passionate you are about helping/seeing others succeed. Thanks again for the experience and I can’t wait to see what’s next for group coaching.



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